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Product Packaging:Standard Packaging The xtr-540:battery
operatedinternal battery charger72 point digital compassblue backlit text
displaypatented pop mode detectionexclusive low profile periscopesbattery
voltage gaugetotal band protection – selectable360° maxx coverage 3 city
modes/highway modetwo (2) filter modes provides extra filteringhigh gain
lenstone alertsstay alert7 dim/dark modesquiet/auto quiet modesalert
prioritysetting saverselectable auto shut offsafety warning system –
swspatented vg-2 cloaking technologyincluded accessories: – power cord –
windshield mount – (3)aa ni-mh batteries Product
Description Whistler’s XTR-540 laser/radar detector gives you full band
protection from radar signals, 360-degree laser detection, Whistler’s patented
VG-2 cloaking technology, and plenty more. The brilliant blue text display,
along with tone alerts and Whistler’s unique alert periscopes, mean you’ll
never miss an alert. Competitive features and competitive pricing. Competitive
features and competitive pricing. Click to enlarge. Battery Powered The unit
can provide approximately 15 hours of laser/radar detection with three
rechargeable AA Ni-MH batteries, or you can plug it into your vehicle’s
cigarette lighter adapter (this will recharge the batteries). Blue LCD Text
Display The XTR-540’s brilliant display provides distinct visual confirmation
of signals detected, signal strength, and indicates engaged modes of
operation. Patented POP Mode Detection There are new guns out there that
operate just like the instant-on guns of the past but with a very tough new
twist–POP mode! This new gun is a normal K and Ka band radar gun detectable
by most radar detectors made in the past 30 years until it’s in POP mode. When
the gun is in POP Mode and activated, a brief burst of energy, less than 1/15
of a second, is transmitted and the vehicle’s speed is quickly acquired. A
detector without POP Mode detection capability cannot respond to this brief
transmission, but the XTR-540 can. Low Profile Alert Periscopes Whistler’s Low
Profile Alert Periscopes provide an added attention getting visual alert. The
two extra LEDs flash on and off when the unit alarms to provide a unique
visual alert. 3 City Modes/Highway Mode Highway mode provides full audio and
visual warning of laser/radar systems while maintaining full sensitivity.
Highway mode is the default setting of all Whistler’s laser/radar detectors.
City mode helps reduce the annoyance of automatic door openers and burglar
alarm alerts by providing an initial alert (same distance as Highway Mode)
then remaining quiet unless the signal strength becomes very strong. When the
signal increases the unit will alert briefly to notify you of the change in
signal strength. Brilliant blue LCD text display. View features diagram. Click
to enlarge. Stay Alert The Stay Alert feature is designed to test a driver’s
alertness. Within 30 to 60 seconds after the feature is engaged an alert is
sounded; to show alertness, the driver must press the volume, city or the mute
button within 3-5 seconds. If a button is pressed within 3-5 seconds, the
cycle is repeated. If a button was not pressed within 3-5 seconds the unit
alarms at full volume and the display shows an unique visual alert. Quiet/Auto
Quiet Modes Pressing QUIET before a signal is detected engages Auto Quiet
Mode, which automatically reduces the audio level after the initial warning to
a low audio level setting. Pressing QUIET during a radar/laser encounter
silences audio alerts, while allowing visual alerts to keep you informed.
Alert Priority When two or more signals are received at the same time, the
alert priority is: Laser, VG-2, Speed Radar, Safety Radar. Example: If X band
is alerting, then suddenly a VG-2 signal is detected, the VG-2 warning will
override the X band alert. Vehicle Battery Saver Mode The Vehicle Battery
Saver Mode automatically shuts off your detector within 3 hours if you forget
to turn it off. The timer is reset if the detector is turned off, unplugged or
any button is pressed before the 6 hours have expired. The detector will alert
you with an audible and visual warning before it shuts off. Safety Warning
System–SWS This relatively new radar is not for speed detection at all, it is
used to keep you informed of highway safety. Transmitters are installed and
programmed (for example: in emergency vehicles) to make you aware of possible
situations that may require your attention, such as: ambulance vehicles that
are moving or stationary, road hazards ahead, road construction delays or
detours, etc. VG-2 Detection Mode The VG-2, also known as a “radar detector
detector,” is a special receiver used by police to detect signals radiated by
a radar detector. The XTR-540 alerts you its presence, and thanks to
Whistler’s patented VG-2 cloaking technology provides undetectability. What’s
in the Box Whistler XTR-540 Laser/Radar Detector, Windshield Mount, Power
Cord, Three AA Ni-MH Batteries, User’s Manual


  • Battery Operated
  • 72 Point Digital Compass
  • Internal Battery Charger
  • Battery Voltage Gauge
  • 360 Maxx Coverage
  • Total Band protection with selectable bands
  • Low-profile alert periscopes
  • Radar Signature ID (RSID)
  • Cordless platform
  • Intense blue text display

Product Details:

  • Product Dimensions: 4.9 x 3.1 x 1.4 inches
  • Item Weight: 9 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within U.S.
  • Item model number: XTR-540
  • Batteries: 3 AA batteries required. (included)
  • Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes

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