Rhino Round Umbrella Base Weight, 18″ ~ fits any Offset, Cantilever or Outdoor Patio Umbrella Stand – Replaces Ugly Sand Bags ~ Easy set up


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Windy Days? Not a Problem Anymore. Do you love to relax,
dine and entertain on your patio or deck? If you’ve ever had your patio
umbrella get swept up in a gusty breeze, the Rhino BaseMate Umbrella Base
Weight Bag will be a welcome addition to your backyard ensemble.   Windy
weather is no longer a problem with this sturdy, ergonomically designed patio
umbrella base. Protect your expensive furniture, prevent injury and enjoy more
carefree outdoor relaxation. Our weight bag is a smarter twist on traditional
patio umbrella bases that are not only difficult to install, but that also
crack, warp and fade after only a few months.    Keeps umbrella / flag pole
stable, even in high winds Unique, patent-pending design (no need to lift
after filling) Larger sand opening than other models Convenient carry handles
Rugged, tear-proof 900D material Water-repellent and fade-resistant Reinforced
with strap for extra support Holds approx. 90 lbs of play sand (not included)
Sand scoop included Clear / easy instructions Fits all umbrella poles (incl.
offset & cantilever) Easy to clean   Unique Design Allows for Easy Positioning
While most umbrella base weight bags feature a small opening that makes it
nearly impossible to fill them with sand, your new base weight has a large
opening that eliminates mess and frustration. What’s more, there’s no need to
lift the bag once it’s filled.   To install this base, simply unfold the bag,
fill with conventional play sand using the extra-large opening, open the side
slot to push the bag around the patio umbrella pole, and then lock the clips
to secure. And you’re done. Rugged Construction to Ensure Many Seasons of Use
Your new umbrella weight bag is constructed of tough, waterproof, military-
grade material to resist wear and tear, season after season. Plus, while most
bags have a PVC inner coating that degrades over time, ours has an inner
coating integrated with heavy-duty PU, so that it stands up beautifully to sun
and frost. No need to worry about your weight bag fading and deteriorating
after time in the sun, rain and snow.   With its patent-pending design, the
Rhino BaseMate Umbrella Base Weight Bag is a high-quality product intended to
last for years. Better Than Others In The Market Incomparable Ruggedness: Your
new umbrella weight bag is constructed with extra-durable material that has an
impressive tensile strength of 380 lbs. Triple-reinforced stitching also makes
this base weight less prone to tears.  Larger Opening for Sand: Other umbrella
weight bags have small openings, making it difficult to pour in sand without
spilling it everywhere. We’ve remedied this issue with an extra-wide opening
featuring a Velcro closure to ensure a secure seal.  Enjoy Your Umbrella with
More Peace of Mind: With a capacity for 80 lbs of sand and easy carry handle,
the Rhino BaseMate Umbrella Base Weight Bag keeps your standard, cantilever or
offset patio umbrella secure—no matter how windy the weather gets.


  • NO MORE TIPPING ON WINDY DAYS: Fill BaseMate patio umbrella base weight bag with sand, wrap it around any umbrella pole, and enjoy the peace of mind knowing your family is safe in gusty weather. Free plastic sand scoop included.
  • EASIER TO USE THAN OTHERS ON THE MARKET ~ Can be set up in minutes out of the box. Rather than lugging full sand bags or heavy base weights into place, position each half of the BaseMate around your umbrella stand and fill with sand using the included free scoop. Connect each half using heavy-duty velcro linking system. At the end of the season simply unfill, fold, and store. BaseMate is designed to be taken down and set up again and again without tearing or degrading!
  • WON'T CRACK OR TEAR: While water-filled patio umbrella bases can crack, your new base wont. Its made of 900D Rip Stop, military-grade material with reinforced sides for extra sturdiness.
  • SAFETY GUARUNTEED ~ BaseMate was designed to be stronger, safer and more simple than others on the market. Give yourself peace of mind knowing your family and guests are safe from the dangers of a wind blown umbrella. Protect your property and those your care about with this simple, innovative new product
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We want you to love our product. If youre not absolutely thrilled with your purchase, let us know and well make it right with a prompt replacement or refund.

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  • Package Dimensions: 11.8 x 6.6 x 4.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.35 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 1.35 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Rhino BaseMate

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